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Sterling Power Clearance 12 Volt to 12 Volt 45 Amp Battery to Battery Charger-1

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Item Number: BB121245clearance
Manufacturer: Sterling Power
Manufacturer Part No: BB121245clearance

Sterling Power Battery-to-Battery Chargers

These units are in our Clearance Section becuase they were designed in the past when Lithium Batteries were not available to most consumers. These Units work great but they don't have a lithium profile. Additionally, the output profiles cannot be custom adjusted. You only have 4 preset profiles to choose from, please see the owner's manual for boost charge and float voltage profiles.

  • Quick and Easy to Install. Installation requires no modification to the primary electrical system, resulting in no vehicle warranty issues as you are not connected to the main system.
  • By monitoring and then controlling the charge level of the engine battery connected to its input side, the Battery-to-Battery charger is able to provide the output batteries a four-step charging algorithm at amperage levels near full alternator output capacity.
  • This allows the flexibility of charging of your auxiliary batteries while underway or while your engine battery charger is plugged in at the dock.
  • Recover your batteries up to five times faster than a standard alternator.
  • Four Step Battery Charging Profile extends the life of your batteries by ensuring a full charge & conditioning, as well as entering a float mode when charging is complete to protect against overcharging your batteries.
  • Ability to mix on board battery types.
  • Can charge GEL, AGM or Flooded Lead Acid batteries.
  • Available in 12 volt input to 24 volt output: For 12 volt engines to charge a 24 volt bow thruster bank (~50A output).
  • Available in 2 4volt input to 12 volt output: For 24 volt engines to charge a 12 volt electronics or house bank (~25A output).
  • Available in 12 volt input to 12 volt output: For 12 volt engines to charge a 12 volt house bank (~50A output).
  • Available in 24 volt input to 24 volt output: For 24 volt engines to charge a 24 volt inverter or bow thruster bank (~25A output).
  • Optional Remote Available.



        12 Volt to 12 Volt 45 Amp output Sterling Battery-to-Battery Charger

Product Information

The Sterling Power Battery to Battery Charger monitors the engine start battery, it will not start until the battery voltage exceeds 26 volts, then it waits for 2.5 minutes to ensure that some power is replaced after the engine is started.  It then loads the engine battery down to no less than 26 volts.  This enables the engine battery to still receive a charge and ensures the alternator works at its full potential.

A Summary Sheet of our Battery to Battery Charger Line. Great for printing out and passing on to your customers: Power USA - Batt to Batt Product Sheet.pdf


Owner’s Manual and installation instructions for the Battery to Battery Charger: Owner's manual and installation instructions.pdf



Performance Features

·         Easy Installation

·         Not part of engine electrical system, thus does not affect new engine warranty

·         Alternator Temperature Sensor

·         Battery Temperature Sensor

·         Ignition Feed (if required)

·         Automatic start and shutdown