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Sterling Power High Voltage Protection Device

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Item Number: HVPD
Manufacturer: Sterling Power
Manufacturer Part No: HVPD

Sterling Power High Voltage Protection Device 30A


Automatic, High Voltage Protection Device, with unit stop and extra information transmit port.

For protecting equipment from generator / inverter over voltage failure.  30 Amp model suitable for direct use with up to 6KVA generators.  Unlimited gen set / inverter capacity available if used with external indirect contactor.

What does this product do and why do I need it?
Generators, Inverters, the mains supply, or, any device which produces 230V AC, can and will, at some point, fail or have the incorrect voltage generated for that system. When a product fails, it can do so in 2 ways: Firstly it can just simply fail and stop working (which is okay and the preferred choice). Secondly, the governor speed control, regulator or other voltage controlled device can fail (or stick) resulting in a high voltage being transmitted to what ever products are online at that time. Some marinas and other areas have been known to add the wrong voltage to their power system. This will result in not only a dangerous situation for the operator but also the destruction of any AC equipment online at that time. This cost can run into many thousands of pounds. This product is designed to stop this problem.

Multi use:
By installing the product before a boat’s or vehicle’s AC distribution board it can be used in a dual role. It can shut down the mains in the event of problems arising. It can also shut down the gen set, if selected.

This device does 4 main things:
1) Detects a high voltage which can be adjusted to your requirements depending on the gen set being used and its standard reaction to normal on/off loading. The unit can be adjusted to 270/280/300VAC
2) Reacts within 0.012 seconds to that set voltage.
3) Disconnects the power directly switching its own internal 30A power breaker (if gen set, mains or inverter is under 6 KVA) or sends an external signal to a larger breaker to disconnect the main power for gen sets over 6 KVA.
4) Having shut down the AC, the unit can automatically send signals to shut down the actual generator or isolate the inverter, if required.

Other features include:
1) Extra signal port for telemetry system information transmission.
2) 30A overload trip (for internal wiring protection)
3) Test setting to confirm all is working
4) LED fault indicators

Please note this is a high voltage safety trip and not an in line voltage conditioner. The unit makes no attempt to smooth or fix the high voltage. It is designed to assume a catastrophic failure and switches everything it can off, as fast as possible. It therefore reduces and prevents any  ensuing damage from that high voltage failure.   

Part Number Size L x W x D mm Weight Kg
HVPD 155 x 170 x 118 1.0