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Sterling Power DC Battery to Battery Charger 24v input to 12V output at 70 amps. DC to DC converter.

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Item Number: BB241235
Manufacturer: Sterling Power
Manufacturer Part No: BB241235

Sterling Power Battery-to-Battery Chargers

  • Part # BB241235. DC to DC converter. 

    DC Powered Smart Charger.

    Why wait to arrive at your destination to plug in your battery charger?

    DC Powered Smart Charger, perfect for smart charging your auxillary battery bank in a Work Truck, Camper or Ford Transit van, Doesnt have the limitations of a tradional relay. 

    24v input at up to 35 amps and output is 12v at up to 70amps.   

    Simply connect in between a starting battery and house bank and any time the vehicle's alternator is running this smart charger will smart charge the output bank. 

    Preset Charge Profiles and one user customizable battery charing profile available. 

    Sterling's range of Battery to Battery Chargers (B2Bs) has grown significantly over the past few years.  This is in an effort to supplement the ever growing demand from the commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle and marine industries.  The B2Bs have become extremely popular as they fast charge batteries as you cruise along without the need for complex wiring, touching your alternator, voiding the alternator's warranty and tampering with the electronic control units (ECUs).  You can provide the onboard batteries with a fast 4 stage charging profle with a very simple and speedy installation.  All of the benefits of advanced charging without any of the drawbacks.  Simply connect the B2B between the battery being charged and the battery you wish to charge. 


    DC V (In) DC V (Out) Amps In Weight Kg L x W x D mm Part Number
    12 12 30 1.2 190 x 160 x 70 BB1230
    12 12 60 1.4 190 x 160 x 95 BB1260
    12 24 70 1.4 190 x 160 x 95 BB122470
    12 36 70 1.4 190 x 160 x 95 BB123670
    12 48 70 1.4 190 x 160 x 95 BB124870
    24 24 35 1.4 190 x 160 x 90 BB242435
    24 12 35 1.4 190 x 160 x 95 BB241235
    Remote Control with 10m cable BBURC



    1) Multiple Activation Modes: Automatic for most non vehicle applications,

        Manual for remote activation. 

        Regenerative braking (requiring ignition feed),

        Automatic regenerative braking, requiring no ignition feed.

    2) Input 24v & Output charging at 12V

    3) Much larger model up to 3000W coming soon.

    4) Current is NOT taken from the input battery and given to the output battery.  The B2B uses alternator power to charge the output battery.  Manual mode and regenerative braking mde allows you to override this.

    5) Safety features:

    100% fire proof plastic box.

    No screws to corrode.

    Thermal power reduction.

    Multi stage fan cooling.

    The internal heat sink temp is between 158 – 180F. The unit shall drop to half power by this point – additionally reducing temperature.

    6) Night Time Setting: Allows the unit to ran at half the power so the fan noise is kept down.

    7) Boost / Reduce Charging: The B2Bs ensure batteries get the correct charging profile irrespective of high or low input voltages.

    8) B2B turns on at 13.3V and turns off at 13.0V (x 2 for 24V).  Thus, does not drain input battery.  Regenerative braking mode allows the input voltage to drop to 12.2V (x 2 for 24V).

    9) Customizable Profile: Choose your own charging profile on the front panel.

    10) 9 preset battery chemistry options: Including AGM, LiFePO4, Gel, Flooded and sealed lead acid.

    11) 4 stage battery charging: Thge B2B charges batteries between 5-20 times faster than a stand alone alternator.

    12) Very Simple to install: No electronic Control Unit (ECU) issues.  No complex wiring.  No warranty issues.  Fully prepared for smart alternators (regenerative braking).

    • Remote control optional.

    A Summary Sheet of our Battery to Battery Charger Line. Great for printing out and passing on to your customers:

    Link to Optional Remote Control Display:

    Owner’s Manual & installation instructions for Green Stripe model, Feb. 2019 onward software version 69+:

    Green BB1230/60 Latest Instructions Version 69+

    Owner’s Manual & installation instructions for Green Stripe model, April 2018 onward software version 65+:

    Green BB1230/60 Latest Instructions Version 65+

    Owner’s Manual and installation instructions for Green Stripe model, July 2017 onward software version 60+:

    V60+ July 2017 onward + OEM lock edition Instructions PDF

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