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Sterling Power Alternator Protection Device for 24v Volt Alternator

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Item Number: APD24
Manufacturer: Sterling Power
Manufacturer Part No: APD24

Sterling Power Alternator Protection Device 24v


Sterling Power USA Alternator Protection Device 24v model


The APD works when the spike back voltage to the alternator shoots above 16.5V -> infinity (potentially) as the current has gone to 0A (to conserve P = I x V).

The APD turns on with a small resistive load of mA to reduce this escalation of voltage as a result of the break of cable that has led to 0A and V goes up up up.

If the spike is excessively rough, it can lead to APD damage (which can’t be fixed) but, your alternator / regulator has been protected.

Owner’s Manual and installation instructions for the Sterling Power Alternator Protection Device: Power Alternator Protection Device.pdf