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ProConnect- VSR - Voltage Sensitive Relay (12V or 24V autosense, 80 Amp)

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Item Number: VSR80
Manufacturer: Sterling Power
Manufacturer Part No: VSR80
ProConnect – VSR - Voltage Sensitive Relays

Advantages of the VSR over the ProCon IF

-  12 Volt or 24 Volt automatic voltage selection.

-  Totaly automatic operation - does not require ignition feed. When the primary battery exceeds 13.3v the VSR assumes that the charging device (engine/alternator) is active and engages relay to connect mains to the auxiliary battery bank(s) to charge. When the voltage of the primary drops down to 12.9v the relay disengages and prompts the charging of the primary battery, hence ‘voltage sensitive’.   

-  The VSR therefore ‘saves the day’, when the engine is ‘off’ and you attempt to run a 2000W appliance (bow thruster/anchor winch) from a depleted auxiliary battery bank the relay will latch and prevent you withdrawing circa 200A of current from the primary (engine starter battery), thus engine starting is always possible.

-  Bi-directional charging, this functional allows the charging from primary to auxiliary and vice versa allowing the maintenance of potentially 13.3v on all banks.

-  Auto 12/24v selection, if it senses 4v to 16V = 12V   &   16v to 30V = 24V

-  Very easy to install.

-  Ideal for charging a secondary battery bank from a battery charger with only one output such as: a combined inverter/charger (ProCombi).


Input V D/C


Unit Size (LxWxH) inch


Part #

12 & 24 AUTO

80 A

5.6 x 7.6 x 1.6

0.22 lbs


12 & 24 AUTO

160 A

5.6 x 7.2 x 1.6

0.44 lbs


12 & 24 AUTO

240 A

5.6 x 8.0 x 1.6

0.55 lbs



A Summary Sheet of our ProConnect Relay Product Line. Great for printing out and passing on to your customers: Power USA ProConnect Relays.pdf 


Owner’s manual and Installation instructions for our ProConnect Relays: Relay Installation and Owners Manual.pdf