DC / AC Clamp on Volt and Amp Meter - great for reading DC levels on your boat battery

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Item Number: CLAMP!
Manufacturer: Sterling Power
Manufacturer Part No: CLAMP!
At first glance this low cost A/C & D/C volt meter looks like any other multimeter, however, on close inspection you will see it is not. Designed to meet IEC 1010 CATIII 600v safety requirements, This high quality clamp on meter can measure AC amps, DC amps, AC volts, DC volts, ohms, diode, HZ and has a continuity beeper. View the output data on a 4 digit water resistant LED display, accuracy to .1 amps or volts. Compact & heavy duty ABS fireproof plastic case. This is a Sterling Power product and is not available anywhere else.

AC & DC Clamp Meter

Electrical specification

  • DC volage 0 – 200 volts overload protection 600V
  • AC voltage 0 – 500 volts overload protection 600V
  • DC current 0 – 200 amps overload protection 300A
  • AC current 0 – 200 amps overload protection 300A
  • Resistance 0 -200 ohms overload protection 400V
  • Accuarcy to .1 of an amp or volt

Data hold function

  • AC frequency response from 40 – 400 Hz
  • AC spec tested on sine wave 50/60 Hz

Owner's Manual for the Clamp On Meter:
http://www.sterling-power-usa.com/library/Clamp On Meter Manual.pdf
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