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Sterling Power Fuse Holder GATC2828

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Item Number: GATC2828
Manufacturer: Sterling Power
Manufacturer Part No: GATC2828

Fuse Block Series Fuse Type ATQ Range 3-35A 0-32V Max

Ideal for lower current positive distribution fused outputs.

Part # GATC2828


Product Part Number Footprint Cable Diameter  Weight (G)
GATC4848 90mm x 65mm 4 x 6mm IN AND FUSED OUT 220g
GATC3448 90mm x 65mm 3 x 10mm IN (SOLID), 4 x 6mm FUSED OUT 223g
GATC2828 85mm x 40mm 2 x 6 mm IN 7 FUSED OUT 115g
GATC1428 85mm x 40mm 1 x 10mm IN, 2 x 6mm FUSED OUT 115g


All products are precision machined from solid brass with a 24Kt gold finish.  Do not confuse with lower cost zinc-lead alloy die-casting.