Sterling Power Handheld Yacht Corrosion Test Meter and Workbook

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Item Number: CTMB
Manufacturer: Sterling Power
Manufacturer Part No: CTMB

Yacht Corrosion Test Meter and Workbook

  • 20ft red lead with essential Silver/Silver chloride half cell
  • 10ft black lead test probe
  • This easy to read meter finds all corrosion problems instantly.
  • Scale needs no interpretation Green=Good Yellow=Bad.

Product information

The Corrosion Test Kit comprises of an easy to follow instruction manual, which includes survey report documents. The kit also includes the required test meter and silver/silver chloride test leads. The portable meter is the only way to test each individual item on the boat (overboard bronze skin fittings, bronze valves, rudders, prop shafts, etc). Having tested the individual fittings, the survey report will clearly show if your boat is completely bonded correctly or if there are problems with your bonding. The unit also shows up if there are stray D/C or A/C currents on the boat which can cause horrendous damage very quickly.

The kit should be used every 6 months on a boat to ensure the anodes are still working and all the bonding cables are correct.

Where continuous onboard monitoring is required see our onboard yacht corrosion monitor, part # CYM

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